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The Political Economy of the Kyoto Protocol
Climate change is a profound crisis of society and of the capitalist mode of production to which there can be no simple reaction which is adequate to the problem or without contradiction.
After Cancún : climate governance or climate conflicts
With articles by Elmar Altvater, Achim Brunnengraber, Peter Newell, Matthew Paterson, Simon Wolf, Martin Bitter, Edward Nell, Willi Semmler, Armon Rezai, Miranda Schreurs, Bettina Knothe, Lutz Mez
Nuclear Waste Governance – ein wicked problem der Energiewende
Die Energiewende und die Transformation zu einer dekarbonisierten Wirtschaft wird unvollendet bleiben, wenn nicht zugleich ein verantwortlicher Umgang mit den Hinterlassenschaften des bisherigen
Nuclear waste governance : an international comparison
The International Dimension.- Countries with Geological Disposal after Reprocessing Nuclear Fuel.- Countries with Direct Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel.- Countries with Long-Term Surface Storage for