Achilles Theodorakopoulos

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In this paper, the problem of deriving a continuous, state-feedback controller for a class of multiinput multioutput feedback linearizable systems is considered with special emphasis on controller simplification and reduction of the overall design complexity with respect to the current state of the art. The proposed scheme achieves prescribed bounds on the(More)
In this work a modification of a Cartesian impedance controller is presented. The proposed controller guarantees compliance of the operated manipulator strictly within preselected spatial limits. Specifically, by introducing a nonlinear stiffness term into the control design, the manipulator is prevented from colliding with an explicitly defined hard(More)
A continuous, state-feedback controller is proposed for strict feedback systems with deadzone input nonlinearity. The scheme achieves prescribed bounds on the transient and steady state output error performance despite the uncertainty in system nonlinearities and deadzone characteristics. For the latter, only a locally Lipschitz property is assumed to hold,(More)
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