Achille Melingui

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This paper addresses the forward kinematic model of a class of hyper-redundant continuum robot, namely Compact Bionic Handling Assistant (CBHA). Inspired from the elephant trunk, it can reproduce some biological behaviors of trunks, tentacles, or snakes. Such systems, like the CBHA are subjected to a set of nonlinearities (flexibility, elasticity,(More)
— Recent works in fuzzy logic systems (FLSs) have demonstrated the superiority of the higher order FLSs (type-2 FLs) compared to their traditional counterparts (Type-1 FLS) in terms of handling uncertainties. However, due to the complexity and the huge computational time of the type-reduction process, their applications in real-time is limited to simple(More)
— In this paper, we combine the advantage of more controllable degrees of freedom offers by Omni-directional mobile platform with the ability of the type-2 fuzzy logic to deal with the high levels uncertainties present in the majority of real world applications to control ROMR (Robotino Omni-directional mobile robot) in unknown and unstructured dynamic(More)
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