Achille Marino

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Early-onset sarcoidosis (EOS) and Blau syndrome are rare auto-inflammatory diseases characterized by a triad of skin rash, granulomatous uveitis, and symmetrical polyarthritis occurring in early childhood. In this paper, we describe a case report very interesting for the multidisciplinary management (pediatric rheumatologist and ophthalmologist), the(More)
Classification of juvenile idiopathic arthritis is an ongoing process and up to now has been predominantly based on clinical manifestations--mainly number of joints at onset of disease. In the meantime, basic studies have advanced our knowledge regarding the disease pathogenesis. Unfortunately, studies of cytokines and cytokine polymorphisms have not(More)
BACKGROUND Data from routine clinical practice are needed to further define the efficacy and safety of biologic medications in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). The aim of this analysis was to investigate the disease status, reasons for discontinuation and adverse events in Italian JIA patients treated with etanercept (ETN). METHODS In(More)