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Tobacco experimental model to induce urinary bladder neoplasms
Purpose: To develop experimental models to evaluate the effects of the cigarette smoking in urinary bladder.Methods: Thirty young male Wistar rats divided in 2 groups , respectively simulatingExpand
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Cavity-enhanced frequency up-conversion in rubidium vapour
Strathprints is designed to allow users to access the research output of the University of Strathclyde. Unless otherwise explicitly stated on the manuscript, Copyright © and Moral Rights for theExpand
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Deconstructing Retinal Organoids: Single Cell RNA-Seq Reveals the Cellular Components of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Retina
The rapid improvements in single cell sequencing technologies and analyses afford greater scope for dissecting organoid cultures composed of multiple cell types and create an opportunity toExpand
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CRX Expression in Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Photoreceptors Marks a Transplantable Subpopulation of Early Cones
Death of photoreceptors is a common cause of age-related and inherited retinal dystrophies, thus their replenishment from renewable stem cell sources is a highly desirable therapeutic goal. HumanExpand
Significant Intersections between Legal and Rhetorical Theories : Lessons from an Interdisciplinary Reading of al-Bāqillānī ’ s Theory of Language
Abū Bakr al-Bāqillānī (d. 403/1013) was a preeminent scholar and an influential participant in a diverse range of Islamic discourses including the Ashʿarī school of theology and the Mālikī school ofExpand
Chevron Folding Patterns and Heteroclinic Orbits
We present a model of multilayer folding in which layers with bending stiffness EI are separated by a very stiff elastic medium of elasticity k2 and subject to a horizontal load P. By using aExpand
MCCIP ARC Science Review 2010-11 Human Health: Marine vibrios
It is estimated that mean air temperature increase of as little as 1 °C in the UK could result in 4.5% increase in foodborne disease in the UK (DOH/HPA, 2008). By 2050 an additional 179,000 annualExpand
Paraphyly in Tribe Onagreae : Insights into Phylogenetic Relationships of Onagraceae Based on Nuclear and Chloroplast Sequence Data
Onagraceae are a family of 17 genera in seven tribes, with the majority of species in tribes Onagreae and Epilobieae. Despite the species-richness of these two tribes, to date no phylogenetic studyExpand