Achanta D. Sarma

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From a set of turbulence data collected with a three-axis sonic anemometer/thermometer and described in a companion paper, we simulate the eddy-accumulation process for sensible heat and momentum fluxes. The resulting eddy-accumulation coefficient for momentum clearly depends on surface-layer stability; at neutral stability, its value is 0.63. On(More)
Abstract—Local Area Augmentation System (LAAS) is expected to enable the pilots to guide the aircraft more precisely and safely into busy airports even in poor visibility conditions. The anomalous low and equatorial latitude Ionosphere is severe threat to the LAAS system. To characterize the anomalous ionospheric gradients, the performance of an ionospheric(More)
The effect of the absorption mechanism on the amplitude of the scintillations on a 4-km line of sight link at 54.5 GHz in different meteorological conditions is examined. When atmospheric temperature turbulence is dominant, the absorption mechanism causes the amplitude of the scintillations to be significantly increased for the large outer scale of(More)
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