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OBJECTIVE This study evaluates the prevalence of 35delG GJB2 mutation, the most common genetic mutation causing prelingual deafness, and its screening feasibility and acceptability in pregnant women undergoing first-trimester CVS for chromosomal abnormality investigation. METHODS Samples were taken from 5786 pregnant women who requested CVS for(More)
Vaccination against influenza averts cardiovascular events and is recommended for all patients with coronary heart disease. Because data were unavailable regarding vaccination rates among such patients' household contacts, we sought to estimate the rate of influenza vaccination in persons with cardiovascular disease and their contacts. In 2004, we conducted(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to estimate the general knowledge, attitude and practice of Emergency Contraceptive pills (ECs) among tertiary level students in Trinidad. METHOD A 32-item questionnaire was constructed to assess knowledge, attitudes and practice of EC. There were 76 medical and 160 non-medical students who volunteered to fill-up(More)
L’écho-endoscopie a longtemps été cantonnée au Canada à quelques centres universitaires. Parmi les explications, on peut avancer les difficultés à se former aux nouvelles techniques endoscopiques sur un continent peu équipé dans ce domaine, et l’absence de reconnaissance officielle rapide des nouvelles techniques. La mobilité des médecins nord-américains,(More)
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