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Six unsymmetrical bis-quaternary monooximes viz. dibromides of 1-(4-hydroxyiminomethyl pyridinium)-3-(3/4-carbamoyl pyridinium)propane, 1-(4-hydroxyiminomethyl pyridinium)-4-(3/4-carbamoyl pyridinium) butane, 1-(4-hydroxyiminomethyl pyridinium)-5-(3/4-carbamoyl pyridinium)pentane were synthesized and characterized by spectral data. Their ability to(More)
Fluorine substituents have become a widespread and important component in drug design and development. Here, the synthesis of fluorine containing compounds and some corresponding precursor molecules are presented for potential isotope labelling as well as their data obtained with in vitro and in vivo screenings. The compounds vary in the basic centres(More)
New pyrrolo[2,3-d]Pyrimidines with heteroaryl substitution at 5th position through sulfur linker were synthesized incorporating putative pharmacophoric moieties like benzimidazole and benzothiazole as heteroaryl groups. Cytotoxic effect of all the compounds was carried out on HCT116 colon cancer cell lines. Compounds 6c and 6h with nitrobenzimidazole and(More)
A series of new N-pyrazolylbenzamides (5a-x) were synthesized by aroylation of 5-amino-1-phenyl-3-tbutylpyrazole. The structures of synthesized compounds were established based on spectral (FTIR, (1)H NMR, ESI Mass) analysis and purity was ascertained by HPLC. The antibacterial screening revealed that seven molecules exhibited an excellent antibacterial(More)
P38 mitogen activated protein kinases have been found to involve in the production and release of unwarranted levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines including TNFα and IL-1β in numerous inflammatory diseases. A new series of molecules, 5-substituted benzoylamino-2-substituted phenylbezimidazoles has been synthesized from 4-nitro-1, 2- diaminobenzene. The(More)
Fourteen new 4-alkyl/aryl-3,5-bis-(carboethoxy/carbomethoxy)-1,4-dihydro-2,6-dimethylpyridines (4a–4n) have been prepared by conventional and microwave irradiation (MWI) methods from a three component reaction mixture viz., alkyl acetoacetate (1), appropriate aldehyde (2) and ammonium acetate (3). The compounds prepared have been purified and characterized(More)
Mitogen activated protein kinases including c-Jun N-terminal kinase play an indispensable role in inflammatory diseases. Investigation of reported JNK-1 inhibitors indicated that diverse heterocyclic compounds bearing an amide group rendered potent JNK-1 inhibitory activity which prompted us to synthesize new JNK-1 inhibitors containing a pyrazole(More)
Kinases have been known as important molecular targets for various diseases and p38 kinase is found to be vital target among all mitogen activated protein kinases for inflammatory diseases. P38 kinase inhibitors bearing urea scaffold have shown potent kinase inhibitory activity and also selectivity over other kinases. We present here the synthesis, p38(More)
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