Academician V. S. Savel'ev

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To analyze protein degradation in mitochondria and the role of molecular chaperone proteins in this process, bovine apocytochrome P450scc was employed as a model protein. When imported into isolated yeast mitochondria, P450scc was mislocalized to the matrix and rapidly degraded. This proteolytic breakdown was mediated by the ATP-dependent PIM1 protease, a(More)
The biogenesis of the ATP-dependent PIM1 protease of mitochondria was studied by mutational analysis. The ATPase and proteolytic activities of PIM1 were shown to be essential for mitochondrial function. A proteolytically inactive mutant form of PIM1 protease accumulated as a pro-form in mitochondria, revealing a two-step processing of PIM1: the matrix(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the usefulness of artificial pneumothorax (AP) in the management of pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) patients when anti-tuberculosis treatment is ineffective. DESIGN We evaluated the outcome of therapy in 214 patients with cavitary PTB bacteriologically confirmed by culture treated during 1998-2004, 78.9% of whom had multidrug(More)
The results of following up 598 patients diagnosed as having pleural exudate were used to analyze the potentialities of complex radiation and clinical differential diagnoses of this abnormality. The authors identified 4 most common nosological entities (tuberculosis, pleuropneumonia, cancer, mesothelioma) among patients of diagnostic hospitals. The(More)
The material of 97 pulmonary resections for large caseous focuses of tuberculosis was compared to relevant x-ray and morphological evidence. Roentgenologically, caseous-necrotic foci may be stable for a long time (6-12 months) in spite of the absence of the fibrous capsule. In view of these findings, x-ray potentialities in the diagnosis of the process form(More)
Fifty eight patients with peripheral tumor-like formations of the lung (33 with cancer and 25 with benign formations) were examined by longitudinal tomography and CT. The potentialities of the two techniques in detecting the major semeiotic signs of cancer and malignant formations were compared. The main or major signs, such as the shape of shadow and the(More)
Recombinant DNA was constructed providing hypersynthesis of a hybrid protein with a MRGSH6GIR sequence preceding the NH2-terminus of the bovine cytochrome P450scc precursor (6His-pP450scc) in Escherichia coli cells. A large-scale procedure for isolation and purification of this protein was elaborated. 6His-pP450scc was imported into isolated rat liver(More)