Abyot Endale Gurmu

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BACKGROUND The estimate of the number of people chewing Khat globally ranges from 5 to 10 million people. Its use may result in a variety of effects due to the different compounds in it with effects on the gastro-intestinal system and nervous system being the principal ones. AIM To assess the prevalence, factors, and effects of Khat chewing among students(More)
BACKGROUND The leaf of Zehneria scabra is traditionally used for the management of diarrhea in Ethiopia. Its use, however, has not been scientifically validated for safety and efficacy. The aim of this study was to investigate antidiarrheal and antisecretory effects of hydroalcolic leaf extract of Z. scabra in mice models. METHODS For each of(More)
Objective: to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of diabetic patients who were self-administering insulin towards their management of disease and medication. Materials and Methods: a cross-sectional study was done in the hospital from 1st of April to 16th of May 2013 through a structured interview with 150 diabetes mellitus patients who were self(More)
In addition to pharmacovigilance and pharmaco-economic concerns, resistance to anti-malarial medicines has been documented in all classes of anti-malarials and this is further worsened by resistance to common insecticides by malaria vector, which is a major threat to malaria control. As a means of facing the challenges of searching for new anti-malarial(More)
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