Abul M.M. Masih

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This study is a first attempt at placing the analysis of fertility in a temporal dynamic framework in the case of a developing Asian economy like Thailand by binding the relationship between fertility and its determinants within a cointegrated system. In this respect, the focus of this paper is to shed light on whether a significant socioeconomic(More)
UNLABELLED Indoor air quality (IAQ) has been a matter of public concern these days whereas air pollution is normally monitored outdoors as part of obligations under the National air quality strategies. Much little is known about levels of air pollution indoors. Simultaneous measurements of indoor and outdoor carbon monoxide (CO) and oxides of nitrogen (NO(More)
We comment on a recent paper by Beaver, McAnally and Stinson (1997), drawing attention to the fact that their method ignores some recent developments in timeseries econometrics. We apply a bi-variate vector autoregression framework to price and earnings data of listed US companies and the S&P 500 index to capture the dynamics of this system of equations.(More)
Unlike the findings of Mah (1994) [Mah, J.S. (1994) Japanese Import Demand Behaviour: The Cointegration Approach. Journal of Policy Modeling 16:291–298] who, based on the Engle–Granger test of cointegration, fails to find evidence of a long-run relationship among variables associated with an import demand function for Japan, in this analysis the Johansen’s(More)
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