Abubakrelsedik Karali

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PURPOSE To study distribution and cellular localization of myocilin/trabecular meshwork-inducible glucocorticoid response protein (TIGR) in the human eye. METHODS A peptide antibody against a portion of the myosin-like domain of myocilin/TIGR was developed. Different ocular tissues from three human donors were investigated by one- and two-dimensional gel(More)
In vision-based systems, cast shadow detection is one of the key problems that must be alleviated in order to achieve robust segmentation of moving objects. Most methods for shadow detection require significant human input and they work in static settings. This paper proposes a novel approach for adaptive shadow detection by using semi-supervised learning(More)
Facial Expression Recognition is an active area of research in computer vision with a wide range of applications. Several approaches have been developed to solve this problem for different benchmark datasets. However, Facial Expression Recognition in the wild remains an area where much work is still needed to serve real-world applications. To this end, in(More)
Manual annotation of the training data of information extraction models is a time consuming and expensive process but necessary for the building of information extraction systems. Active learning has been proven to be effective in reducing manual annotation efforts for supervised learning tasks where a human judge is asked to annotate the most informative(More)
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