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Automata have various applications and it plays an important role in computer science, particularly, in modeling behavior of systems. Z notation is an ideal one to be used defining state space of a system and then operations over it. Consequently, it requires an integration of automata and Z increasing its modeling power. Further, finite automata may have(More)
The problem of credit-risk evaluation is a very challenging and important financial analysis problem. Recently, researchers have found that expert systems perform very well for this complex and unstructured problem when compared to more traditional statistical approaches. Expert systems with explanation for decision making can achieve a high predictive(More)
Thermal plasma treatment technique is widely used in the treatment of domestic and industrial waste. The technique has the potential of converting organic portion of waste into synthetic gas that has energy value, while the inorganic portion is cemented into a vitreous slag which is stable to leaching of harmful heavy metals. This paper review looked at the(More)
Effect of some host plants on development and reproduction of Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) (Lep., Noctuidae) Investigations were performed to study the effect of some hostplants on development and reproduction capacity of the Egyptian cotton leaf-worm,Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd,), Larval and pupal weights, life span, average number of eggs laid per(More)
The evolution of the world of telecommunications towards the mobile multimedia following the technological advances has demonstrated that to provide access to the network is no longer sufficient. The need for users is to access value-added multimedia services in their own home environment regardless of how they access the systems. Multimedia services(More)
Algebraic automaton has emerged with several modern applications in computer science and engineering. Design of theorem provers, development of model checkers, optimization of programs are some of its applications. The Z notation is suitable for modeling static while automata are powerful for describing dynamic parts of a system. Consequently, their(More)
Websites have become major attention to users who prefer Internet knowledge that save time and reduce human efforts, and to offer error free websites to the users, this study divides the testing process into two layers approach by which testers will be able to find which tests are to run first on a website. This study uses literature to understand the(More)
Swaminathanin in the collection of data and information used in this study. We are particularly grateful to Grey Burkhart, William Foster, and Larry Press for their work on the history of networking in India, a portion of which has been incorporated into the current study. The analytic framework used in this study was initially formulated in The Global(More)
Thermal plasma technique is becoming prominent in the treatment of variety of waste ranging from municipal solid waste, incinerator residue, hospital waste, electronics waste and industrial sludge. Application of the new treatment technology to petroleum sludge requires information on the nature and characteristics of the sludge that will be use to optimize(More)
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