Abubakar Isa Adamu

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This paper presents the mechanism of multi-user navigation interaction in real-time as a high-priority objective in improving mobility services efficiency and effectiveness, and investigate the support of threedimensional representation in mobile device in aiding interactive navigation in an unknown environment. The paper is based on the fact that the use(More)
The ability to examine the continuity of change of geographical phenomena has been given some attention in the past decade. However, none of the suggested models have been able to deal with the continuity problem nor to be implemented successfully. This paper aims to investigate a new conceptual model that will represent the semantics in order to allow the(More)
Software need to be reliable in order to be trustworthy and dependable, reliability analysis is one of the most important factors in software development since analyzing reliability of software during design and prior to release significantly save cost of failure testing activities. To this end, most of the method used for Software reliability analysis(More)
An artificial nose system for the recognition and classification of gas-phase analytes and its application in identifying common industrial gases is reported. The sensing mechanism of the device comprises the measurement of infrared absorption of volatile analytes inside the hollow cores of optofluidic Bragg fibers. An array of six fibers is used, where(More)
Wilms' tumour originates predominantly in the renal tissue; in rare cases it can also arise from extra-renal sites accounting for 0.5-1% of cases of Wilms' tumours seen. A diagnosis of extra-renal Wilms' cannot be easily established with clinical and radiological features except when the histological facts are provided. Wilms' tumours arising from(More)
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