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Programming directly with diagrams offers potential advantages such as visual intuitions, identification of errors (debugging), and insight into the dynamics of the algorithm. The purpose of this paper is to put forward one particular graphical formalism, interaction nets, as a candidate for visual programming which has not only all the desired properties(More)
We present a new abstract machine for interaction nets and demonstrate that an implementation based on the ideas is significantly more efficient than existing interaction net evaluators. The machine, which is founded on a chemical abstract machine formulation of interaction nets, is a simplification of a previous abstract machine for interaction nets. This(More)
Reduction rules in interaction nets are constrained to pattern match exactly one argument at a time. Consequently, a programmer has to introduce auxiliary rules to perform more sophisticated matches. In this paper, we describe the design and implementation of a system for interaction nets which allows nested pattern matching on interaction rules. We achieve(More)
This paper is about a new implementation technique for interaction nets—a visual programming language based on graph rewriting. We compile interaction nets to C, which offers a robust and efficient implementation , in addition to portability. In the presentation of this work we extend the interaction net programming paradigm to introduce a number of(More)
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