Abu Saleh Shah Muhammad Barkat Ullah

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The hurdles in solving Constrained Optimization Problems (COP) arise from the challenge of searching a huge variable space in order to locate feasible points with acceptable solution quality. It becomes even more challenging when the feasible space is very tiny compare to the search space. Usually, the quality of the initial solutions influences the(More)
Many real world decision processes require to solve optimization problems. In this paper, an integrated multiagent-genetic algorithm (MA-GA) is considered to solve constrained optimization problems. The applied approach is new in the literature for solving constrained optimization problems. Ten benchmark problems are used to test the performance of the(More)
During the last decade, both evolutionary computation and multiagent systems have been used for solving decision and optimization problems. This paper proposes a new evolutionary agent system by incorporating evolutionary process into agent concepts for solving mathematical programming models. Each of the agents represents a candidate solution of the(More)
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