Abu Naser Masud

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In this article we study the decidability of termination of several variants of simple integer loops, without branching in the loop body and with affine constraints as the loop guard (and possibly a precondition). We show that termination of such loops is undecidable in some cases, in particular, when the body of the loop is expressed by a set of linear(More)
<i>Cost analysis</i> aims at determining the amount of resources required to run a program in terms of its input data sizes. The most challenging step is to infer the cost of executing the <i>loops</i> in the program. This requires bounding the number of iterations of each loop and finding tight bounds for the cost of each of its iterations. This article(More)
In this tutorial paper, we overview the techniques that underlie the automatic inference of bounds on resource consumption. We first explain the basic techniques on a Java-like sequential language. Then, we describe the extensions that are required to apply our method on concurrent ABS programs. Finally, we discuss some advanced issues in resource analysis,(More)
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