Abu Mohammad Nurannabi

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This paper focuses on morphological analysis of Bangla words to incorporate them into Bangla to universal networking language (UNL) processors. Researchers have been working on morphological structure of Bangla for machine translation and a considerable volume of work is available. So far, no attempt has been made to integrate the works for a concrete(More)
Conversion from Bangla language to another native language using Universal Networking Language (UNL) is highly demanding due to increasing the usage of Internet based application. Since Bangla case structure plays a fundamental role in Bangla grammartical structures, this paper presents some rules for Bangla case structures that will be used to convert(More)
Conversion from another language to native language is highly demanding due to increasing the usage of web based application. Firstly, the respective sentence of a native language is converted to Universal Networking Language (UNL) expressions and then UNL expressions can be converted to any native language. Already UNL system is developed for most of the(More)
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