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Problem statements: Fumonisin was a mycotoxin produced mainly by fungi belonging to the genus Fusarium in various foods and feeds. They occurred worldwide and were found predominantly in corn and in corn-based animal feeds and also can be found in other crops. Contamination of food and feed with fumonisins has been implicated in and associated with a number(More)
Photo catalytic degradation of chlorophenols in aqueous solution by ZnO nanoparticles under sunlight was investigated. The toxicity of chlorophenols was evaluated by agar plates technique with paper discs in the presence of Escherichia coli. The relative toxicity data of chlorophenols, before and after degradation, was used in comparing between them. The(More)
Problem statement: Formaldehyde was classified as a potential human carcinogen, identified by the US Environmental Protection Agency and International Agency for Research on Cancer as a Class 2A carcinogen. It also can cause irritation to human. However, formaldehyde present in biological fluids or tissues and environment as a result of natural processes or(More)
We mainly (but not exclusively) draw upon research and development work carried out by The WorldFish Center (WorldFish). We review the current state of development of selection programs that have had a main focus on growth rate and body traits. There is evidence of sustained gains of 10 to 15 per cent per generation over more than six generation. To date,(More)
  • Abu Bakar, Md Sultan, +4 authors Rizam Abu Bakar
  • 2008
The Timetabling Problem is a combinatorial optimization problem. The University Course Timetabling Problems (UCTP) deals with the scheduling of the teaching program. Metaheuristic techniques have been very successful in a wide range of timetabling problem including UCTP. The performance of metaheuristic over UCTP is measured by quality timetable that is no(More)
Bovine colostrum (BC) is a rich source of bioactive components reported to have health promoting effects. The purpose of the present study was to determine the effects of six-week supplementation of BC on the production of gamma-interferon (IFN-γ) by mitogen-stimulated peripheral blood leucocytes (PBL) in active adolescent male. Subjects were recruited from(More)
Problem statement: Boric acid is a pesticide usually used to kill mites, fungi, plants and insect including fleas, termites, cockroaches and wood decay fungi. Besides, it was also used in many fields such as food preservative, in newborn baby’s nurseries and antiseptic. Many reports indicated that boric acid poisoning occurred due to the misuse of household(More)
The purpose of this study is to propose a new congestion control framework for uni-priority of event-driven safety messages in VANETs. The uni-priority congestion is caused by the traffic of the same priority. Many of event-driven safety applications developed for VANETs is required real-time communication with high reliability and must be delivered before(More)
  • Aidil Saifan, Abu Bakar, +7 authors Mohamed Ramli
  • 2005
Composites are expensive and destructive test methods are applied to determine their physical properties. For textile composites, a nondestructive test could save time and cost if the physical properties such as moisture content, weave architecture, void content and fiber volume fraction can be deduced from electrical properties. Microwave nondestructive(More)