Abu Bakar Siddique

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We have proposed a variable-rate multi-pulse pulse position modulation, for visible light communication system based on white LEDs, to achieve joint brightness control and data transmission. Conventionally either pulse width modulation or pulse amplitude modulation is used for brightness control and some variants of pulse position modulation are employed(More)
LED based lighting systems provide an opportunity for data transmission in addition to their traditional use as source of illumination. Brightness control is required to achieve either desired level of illumination or to achieve energy conservation. Conventionally, simultaneous data transmission as well as brightness control is achieved using two different(More)
The efficiency of embedded systems mainly depends on the process scheduling policy of operating systems running on them. Better scheduling algorithms make a system fast using less resources for small time. Out of some important scheduling algorithms, Round Robin algorithm is much efficient. But its efficiency fairly depends on choosen time quantum. In this(More)
Comparative investigations of plant-associated fungal communities (mycobiomes) in distinct habitats and under distinct climate regimes have been rarely conducted in the past. Nowadays, high-throughput sequencing allows routine examination of mycobiome responses to environmental changes and results at an unprecedented level of detail. In the present study,(More)
Coupled oscillators were believed to exclusively exist in a state of synchrony or disorder until Kuramoto theoretically proved that the two states could coexist, called a chimera state, when portions of the population had a spatial dependent coupling. Recent work has demonstrated the spontaneous emergence of chimera states in an experiment involving(More)
This paper proposes a novel entropy encoding technique for lossless data compression. Representing a message string by its lexicographic index in the permutations of its symbols results in a compressed version matching Shannon entropy of the message. Commercial data compression standards make use of Huffman or arithmetic coding at some stage of the(More)
We propose the use of constant weight codes to jointly solve the problems of brightness control, data transmission and error correction coding for flicker free Visible Light Communication (VLC) link consisting of white LEDs. This work is unique in that a coding scheme is proposed to address the three problems collectively in single block coding scheme. In(More)
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