Abu Bakar Md Sultan

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A component-based software system (CBSS) is a software system that is developed by integrating components that have been deployed independently. In the last few years, many researchers have proposed metrics to evaluate CBSS attributes. However, the practical use of these metrics can be difficult. For example, some of the metrics have concepts that either(More)
Genetic Algorithm (GA) has been widely used in many types of optimization problem. Premature convergence was the main problem for GA performance cause by lower diversity of the population. Obviously maintaining higher diversity is important to obtained better result. Classic GA representing the solution using binary system that is 0 and 1. From the origin(More)
Agile software development (ASD) methods were introduced as a reaction to traditional software development methods. Principles of these methods are different from traditional methods and so there are some different processes and activities in agile methods comparing to traditional methods. Thus ASD methods require different measurement practices comparing(More)
Agile software development methods (ASD) and open source software development methods (OSSD) are two different approaches which were introduced in last decade and both of them have their fanatical advocators. Yet, it seems that relation and interface between ASD and OSSD is a fertile area and few rigorous studies have been done in this matter. Major goal of(More)
Nowadays, changing development approach from traditional to Agile methods has been considered as a strategic decision for achieving Agile values by most software companies and organizations. Due to its nature, moving to Agile software development and adapting to Agile methods need a long time and enough effort. Thus, organizations are faced with a lot of(More)
Context: Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a security vulnerability that affects web applications. It occurs due to improper or lack of sanitization of user inputs. The security vulnerability caused many problems for users and server applications. Objective: To conduct a systematic literature review on the studies done on XSS vulnerabilities and attacks.(More)
Examination process is important activities for educational institutions to evaluate student performance. Thus the quality of the exam questions would determine the quality of the students produced by the institutions. Preparing exam questions is challenges, tedious and time consuming for the instructors. Usually the instructors keeping their own test bank(More)
This paper presents a preliminary study on space allocation focusing on the rectangular shapes to be assigned into an area with an intention to find optimal combination of shapes. The proposed solution is vital for promoting an optimal planting area and eventually finds the optimal number of trees as the ultimate goal. Thus, the evolutionary algorithm by GA(More)
Many studies and works have been done to produce a Knowledge Management System (KMS) in which employees of any organization can access the organization’s sources of information and solutions. However, there is still no standard knowledge measurement and usability model that can assist KMS user to select or evaluate the appropriate KMS. The aim of this paper(More)