Abu B. Sesay

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 The biggest limitation of Radio over Fiber (ROF) links in a wireless network is its limited dynamic range due to ‘Non Linear Distortions’ (NLD). In this paper a higher order adaptive filter based modeling and predistortion scheme is proposed to compensate this NLD. The filter is adapted from the distortions of vectormodulated symbols, so that no in-depth(More)
The biggest concern in the use of radio-over-fiber (ROF) links in wireless access is their limited dynamic range due to nonlinear distortion (NLD). In this paper, a higher order adaptive filter based nonlinearity compensation scheme is proposed. Pre-compensation is done for the downlink while post-compensation is done for the uplink to result in asymmetry(More)
This paper describes a broadband multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) channel characterization platform and capacity measurement results in indoor office environment. The MIMO testbed has been designed for broadband MIMO channel sounding, capacity measurements and for characterizing the directional multipaths of the radio propagation channel. The MIMO(More)
This paper proposes a session state aware (SSA) handover procedure to solve the problem of seamless mobility in heterogeneous wireless networks. The novelty of the proposed SSA procedure is the alignment of the network layer handover execution instant with the callee's voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) session silence period. The effectiveness of the(More)
This paper studies an efficient receiver design for concatenated space-frequency coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems under severe multipath channels. The proposed receiver utilizes a Turbo-like iterative QR decomposition based successive interference cancellation (QR-SIC) algorithm that exploits both spatial and frequency(More)