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  • Md Monarul Islam, Shah Md Masum, M Mahbubur Rahman, Md Ashraful, Islam Molla, A A Shaikh +1 other
  • 2013
Chitosan was prepared from shrimp processing waste (shell) using the same chemical process as described for the other crustacean species with minor modification in the treatment condition. The physicochemical properties, molecular weight (165394g/mole), degree of deacetylation (75%), ash content as well as yield (15%) of prepared chitosan indicated that(More)
In the present study, we considered 3-dimensional generalized (κ, µ)-contact metric manifolds. We proved that a 3-dimensional generalized (κ, µ)-contact metric manifold is not locally φ-symmetric in the sense of Takahashi. However such a manifold is locally φ-symmetric provided that κ and µ are constants. Also it is shown that if a 3-dimensional generalized(More)
This study describes the effect of Guar gum and chitosan on formulation of mucoadhesive drug delivery system of itraconazole. Mucoadhesive strength, Drug content, Hardness, Friability, Weight variation, Moisture content and accelerated stability studies were performed to study the effect of polymers on prepared mucoadhesive tablets. Results of the present(More)
Generalized Roter type manifolds form an extended class of Roter type manifolds, which gives rise the form of the curvature tensor in terms of algebraic combinations of the fundamental metric tensor and Ricci tensors upto level 2. The object of the present paper is to investigate the characterization of a warped product manifold to be a generalized(More)
— This paper deals with the study of the potential of the CO 2 lasers for cutting material like acrylic by varying cutting parameters like power and traverse speed. To achieve the desired depth of cut in the material by the laser beam is not possible by the single pass of cut. Hence, to achieve the required depth, multiple pass cutting will be required. An(More)
—In the oil and gas industry, high pressure long distance pipe lines are widely used for efficient and effective movement of natural gas, oil and other petroleum products. The gases are transported at extremely high operating pressures that can range from 200 to 1600 PSI depending on the size and length of the line pipe. For operating safety, Hydrostatic(More)
  • P Crabbé, H Fillion, Y Letourneaux, E Diczfalusy, A R Aedo, J W Goldzieher +2 others
  • 1979
The chemical synthesis of 2 alpha, 17 alpha-diethynyl-A-nor-5 alpha-androstane-2 beta, 17 beta-diol dipropionate (Anordrin) and the corresponding diacetate is reported. Similarly, the preparation of the 2 alpha, 17 alpha-diethynyl-A-nor-5 alpha-estrane-2 beta, 17 beta-diol, its diacetate and dipropionate (Dinordrin I), along with the corresponding 2(More)
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