Abrusco Raffaele

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The hepatitis C virus infection (HCV) is the most frequent cause of hepatic infection in Europe. In Italy, anti-HCV positivity values are extremely variable, depending on the age and geographic location of the population being analysed. The aims of the study were: (1) evaluating positivity for anti-HCV antibodies in various age groups and determining the(More)
In this paper we present a supervised neural network approach to the determination of photometric redshifts. The method, even though of general validity , was fine tuned to match the characteristics of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and as base of 'a priori' knowledge, it exploits the rich wealth of spectro-scopic redshifts provided by this unique(More)
Insulin receptors have been demonstrated on mononuclear leukocytes prepared by centrifugation of buffy coats from normal blood donors on Ficoll-Hypaque gradients. The cell type that specifically binds insulin in this mixture of lymphocytes and monocytes has never been clearly identified, although it was assumed to be the lymphocyte since this cell(More)