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OBJECTIVE to define the incidence of technical defects and the impact of technical errors on ipsilateral carotid occlusion, ipsilateral stroke, and early restenosis rates, we analysed 1305 patients undergoing carotid completion procedures. DESIGN prospective multicentre study. PATIENTS AND METHODS adequacy of CEA was assessed intraoperatively by(More)
The cardiovascular disease is largely increased in chronic renal failure and the patients have a 10-20 times higher mortality respect normal population. Besides habitual risk-factors they add the mineral metabolism alterations, iperomocisteine and chronical vessel flogosis. In these patients the vascular disease is often lately diagnosed, but early(More)
The clinical value of measuring biliary acids in various chronic liver disease was investigated. The sample examined included 17 healthy subjects, 16 patients with active chronic hepatitis, 15 with cirrhosis of the liver and 14 with cholestatic cirrhosis. The following parameters were considered in each patient: blood bilirubin, gamma GT, alkaline(More)
Critical limb ischemia secondary to chronic peripheral occlusive disease is common in chronically dialysed patients, with an incidence rate of 25-30%. Atherosclerotic lesions are more frequent in the infrainguinal arteries and long infrapopliteal occlusions often occur. Due to diabetes, hypertension and ischemic cardiopathy, the surgical prognosis is very(More)
Acute, monomyelogenous leukemia (AMML) was diagnosed in a patient with a derived 13;14 translocation and prior treatment for a cerebellar astrocytoma. A bone marrow aspirate at the time of diagnosis of leukemia showed abnormalities of chromosome 11, 12 and 16 in addition to the constitutional aberration. The patient's mother carried the same 13;14(More)
After a brief introduction on the history of the surgical treatment of carotid stenosis the authors illustrate both the classical endarterectomy and the eversion endarterectomy. The constant search for a technique which could be of easy execution and also reduce the risk of complication (especially late ones, such as restenosis), brought the authors to(More)
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