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We have developed Metavid.org, a site that archives video footage of the U.S. Senate and House floor proceedings. Visitors can search for who said what when and also download, remix, blog, edit, discuss, and annotate transcripts and metadata. The site has been built with Open Source Software (OSS) and the video is archived in an OSS codec (Ogg Theora). We(More)
The Obama Administration has outlined a set of principles and practices to support Open Government in which citizens can collaborate with the government to solve problems. The Administration is using technology, especially web-based technology, to support Open Government in practice. Many of the government's websites include video. We examine the website(More)
Signature indicates the following information has been reviewed for accuracy, and bio-bibliography information may be released to the public. ____________________________________________ Signature Date EMPLOYMENT 2006-present Associate Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz Film and Digital Media Department (member of the critical studies and the(More)
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