Abrak Saati

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There are two main goals for the surgeon treating injuries around the elbow joint: the maintenance of a stable, concentric reduction of the joint and the initiation of early motion to help prevent stiffness and maximize functional out-come. The presence of a fracture decreases joint stability and increases the risk for early subluxation or dislocation with(More)
The Varieties of Peace research program aims to analyze long-term effects of peace processes in conflicts that ended in the 1990s. The central research questions are: What characterizes peace after the peace processes initiated in the 1990s and how does it vary? How can this variation be described and explained? Peace processes have been studied using short(More)
Constitution-building is one of the most salient aspects of transitional processes, from war to peace or from authoritarian rule, in terms of establishing and strengthening democracy. This paper is part of a research project that aims to identify the circumstances under which constitution-building can strengthen democracy after violent conflict and during(More)
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