Abraham Waksman

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This note describes an approach take n for four consecutive semesters i n teaching an introductory programmin g course. The CIS — 21 course at Templ e University is being taught at the Schoo l of Business. It serves an a n introductory course to prospectiv e computer science majors as well as a required course to all liberal arts an d business(More)
Efficient human problem solving paradigms, which depend on progressing toward a solution by performing a series of intermediate decisions, have been found to consist of two distinct strategies. Strategy-1, could be considered the information gathering part. It consists of decisions, at each step, formulated primarily with the objective of maximizing the(More)
Almost all intelligent computer systems of the past decade could be characterized by the General Problem Solver (GPS) paradigm. This paradigm states that the intelligent system activity consists of two distinct elements considered as separate modules. The first module is the generalist, the general problem solver while the second module could be considered(More)
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