Abraham Simpson Chen

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Languages use acoustic dimensions differently to contrast words, so children must learn which acoustic dimensions are relevant at different levels of structure in their particular language. For example, vowel duration is an important cue to vowel identity in Dutch. In English, though, vowel duration varies with suprasegmental factors like speaking rate, but(More)
This work demonstrates the first low cost, all-elastomer capacitive tactile arrays compatible with roll-to-roll manufacturing. A new manufacturing process has been developed in which elastomer sheets are covered with a stencil, spray coated with conductive elastomer on one or both sides, and stacked to create the sensor array. These arrays are highly(More)
Flood damage assessment is a key component in the development of city flood risk management strategies. A flood damage assessment model is being developed by combining flood hazard information (depth, extent, velocity, duration, etc.) with geographic information (land use/cover, buildings, infrastructure, etc.), social-economic data and population(More)
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