Abraham Simpson Chen

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A paper-based electrostatic zipper actuator for printable robotics has been designed, fabricated and characterized. A simple fabrication process that utilizes paper with a carbon nanotube ink is used to create electrodes separated by either a mylar or parylene dielectric layer. A 5 cm × 1 cm actuator demonstrated a maximum static deflection of 1.8 cm(More)
Languages use acoustic dimensions differently to contrast words, so children must learn which acoustic dimensions are relevant at different levels of structure in their particular language. For example, vowel duration is an important cue to vowel identity in Dutch. In English, though, vowel duration varies with suprasegmental factors like speaking rate, but(More)
Turning in small legged robots often requires extra actuators and mechanisms which consume energy and increase weight. Controllable friction on the feet of underactuated legged robots can provide extra degrees of freedom for dynamic turning. Here, we present preliminary results demonstrating that low voltage (<;200 V) electroadhesives can be adapted onto(More)
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