Abraham S. Luchins

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Problem solvers often have multiple operators available to them but must select just one to apply. We present three experiments that demonstrate that solvers use at least two sources of information to make operator selections in the building sticks task (BST): information from their past history of using the operators and information from the current(More)
Social control doctrines of mental disorders have influenced a generation of psychologists and have shaped attitudes and discussions about how to treat the mentally ill. In light of the failure of deinstitutionalization as a public policy and the contemporary concern with the medical or biological bases of psychiatric disorders, this paper re-examines(More)
How are solutions of complex water jar problems influenced by starting with the simplest or the next simplest problem? The problems have been described as difficult variants of our water jar problems and as belonging to the class of MOVE problems that includes the Tower of Hanoi task. They were presented on a computer to 200 college students tested under(More)