Abraham Rojano

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The critical environmental parameters affecting plant growth in the greenhouse are temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, nutrition, availability of water, and the growing media. From these factors, temperature is of primary importance to most growers because it is responsible for determining the reaction rates of various metabolic processes(More)
A common problem in greenhouse production is the CO2 supply inside of the greenhouse to increase crop yields by stimulating photosynthesis; However, CO2 is one of the most expensive production inputs. Therefore it is necessary to apply CO2 only when it is necessary in order to reduce cost. Consequently a good greenhouse control tool was necessary, so two(More)
To simulate the broiler growth the input variables were: day of year, vents opening, wind velocity, external temperature and absolute humidity, the maximum, average and minimum of the internal temperature and absolute humidity. For that purpose, two techniques were applied, a multi-layer perceptron (MLP) static Neural Network (NN) and the Layered Digital(More)
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