Abraham Malaza

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OBJECTIVE To examine whether HIV status affects participation in a population-based longitudinal HIV surveillance in the context of an expanding HIV treatment and care programme in rural South Africa. METHOD We regressed consent to participate in the HIV surveillance during the most recent fieldworker visit on HIV status (based on previous surveillance(More)
Hypertension and excess body weight are major risk factors of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in developing countries. In countries with a high HIV prevalence, it is unknown how increased antiretroviral treatment and care (ART) coverage has affected the prevalence of overweight, obesity, and hypertension. We conducted a health survey in 2010 based on(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the variability of CD4 counts in the general population of sub-Saharan Africa countries affected by the HIV epidemic. We investigated factors associated with CD4 counts in a rural area in South Africa with high HIV prevalence and high antiretroviral treatment (ART) coverage. METHODS CD4 counts, health status, body mass(More)
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