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The aim of this study was to evaluate the long-term response to rituximab in patients with chronic and refractory immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). Adults with ITP fail to respond to conventional therapies in almost 30% of cases, developing a refractory disease. Rituximab has been successfully used in these patients. We used rituximab at 375 mg/m2, IV,(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with inflammatory bowel disease have an increased risk of thrombosis. Hyperhomocysteinemia is one of the factors that have been related to thromboembolic complications. Patients with hyperhomocysteinemia and normal fasting homocysteine levels can be identified with an oral methionine load. We studied homocysteine levels in patients with(More)
beta-Cell dysfunction is an important factor in the development of hyperglycemia of type-2 diabetes mellitus, and pancreatic islet amyloidosis (IA) has been postulated to be one of the main contributors to impaired insulin secretion. The aim of this study was to evaluate the correlation of IA with metabolic parameters and its effect on islets of Langerhans(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Previous studies have demonstrated that a common polymorphism in the gene encoding 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) is associated with an increased risk for stroke. However, this relation remains controversial. Our aim was to investigate the possible association between the C677T polymorphism in the MTHFR gene and(More)
Platelet membrane glycoprotein IIb/IIIa plays an important role in adhesion and platelet aggregation. Polymorphisms of genes in platelet activation and fibrinolysis have been associated with myocardial infarction (MI), however this has not been confirmed by others, and results are still controversial. The aim of this study was to determine the frequency(More)
The effects of inhibition of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) on cell and protease activation were evaluated in 18 normal volunteers given endotoxin (4 ng/kg, i.v.) after an infusion of low (10 mg/m2 i.v., n = 6) or high dose (60 mg/m2 i.v., n = 6) recombinant human dimeric TNF receptor protein (TNFR:Fc) or its vehicle (placebo n = 6). Activation of the(More)
BACKGROUND Renal transplantation is the treatment of choice for many patients with end-stage renal disease. In the donor, renal excretory function is not affected after nephrectomy; however, little is known about other functions such as erythropoietin production. We studied the erythropoietin production in renal donors after nephrectomy. METHODS We(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the effect of antiretroviral therapy on homocysteine levels in HIV-1-infected patients. DESIGN Observational, prospective study of patients with AIDS. METHODS We included patients with HIV-1 infection naive for antiretroviral drugs. Before and after 6 months of treatment, we evaluated fasting and postoral methionine load plasma(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with metabolic syndrome (MS) often have increased platelet aggregation. In order to determine which concentration detects a higher level of platelet aggregation in patients with MS, the agonists ADP and epinephrine were compared. METHODS The study included 56 subjects with MS and 53 healthy subjects. Blood pressure, weight, body-mass(More)
  • A Majluf-Cruz
  • 1997
The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection is becoming more complex. Hemostatic abnormalities occur frequently in the patient with HIV. HIV-related thrombocytopenia (Tr-HIV) is the most common hemostatic disorder with a high morbidity and affects patients from every risk group independently of age, sex, or stage of infection. Two mechanisms are(More)