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This paper reports the development and validation of the Pain Beliefs Questionnaire (PBQ). This is a 20-item questionnaire covering beliefs about the cause and treatment of pain. It was administered to 294 subjects, comprising 100 chronic pain patients and 194 controls. An exploratory factor analysis revealed 2 factors accounting for 68.15% of the variance.(More)
AIMS To estimate and discuss the allocation of diabetes research funds to studies with a psychosocial focus. METHODS Annual reports and funded-research databases from approximately the last 5 years (if available) were reviewed from the following representative funding organizations, the American Diabetes Association, the Canadian Diabetes Association,(More)
This study aims to review the obesity literature in order to assess the impact of bariatric surgery on quality of life and the between-study variation by examining the standardized mean magnitude of effect in change in the levels of quality of life. The following databases EMBASE, PubMed, PsycINFO, CINAHL, the Cochrane Library and Web of Science were(More)
Despite improvements in pharmacological treatments and methods of care and care delivery, the burden of living with diabetes remains an ongoing challenge, as many people with diabetes are at increased risk of mental health disorders, psychological disturbances and functional problems associated with living with diabetes. Person-centred collaborative care(More)
A postal questionnaire was sent to 121 patients aged 16-20 years identified from the age-sex register of an Inner London practice; 87 replied. Information was sought about adolescents' perceptions and experience of illness and health care, and their attitudes to preventive medicine. Few of the girls reported that they were in good health; 59 per cent of(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate in a pilot study the usefulness of measures of health and psychosocial status for use with young people with physical and complex disability. Also to test empirically a conceptual model of the factors determining key outcomes in young disabled adults, in particular, participation (handicap). DESIGN A cross-sectional study involving(More)
Violence directed against K-12 teachers is a serious problem that demands the immediate attention of researchers, providers of teacher pre-service and in-service training, school administrators, community leaders, and policymakers. Surprisingly, little research has been conducted on this growing problem despite the broad impact teacher victimization can(More)