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1. Implantation of morphine pellets in guinea-pigs produced a high degree of tolerance and dependence within 3 days.2. The contractions of the longitudinal muscle induced by electrical stimulation of the myenteric plexus-longitudinal muscle preparations obtained from tolerant animals were less depressed by morphine than the contractions evoked in(More)
Previous research indicates severe disabilities in processing figurative language in people diagnosed on the autism spectrum disorders. However, this aspect of language comprehension in Asperger syndrome (AS) specifically has rarely been the subject of formal study. The present study aimed to examine the possibility that in addition to their pragmatic(More)
Five products of the dynorphin gene--alpha-neo-endorphin, beta-neo-endorphin, dynorphin A, dynorphin A-(1-8), and dynorphin B--were measured in various regions of rat brain and in rat spinal cord and pituitary. Specific antisera were used, supplemented by gel permeation analysis and high performance liquid chromatography, confirming the presence of(More)
This study examined the relationship between ERP components elicited by deviant stimuli by disentangling the P300 and Novelty P3 components, using spatiotemporal principal components analysis and a dense electrode array. The three-tone paradigm was used and the pitch attributes of the tones were systematically manipulated so as to map the amplitude of the(More)
OBJECTIVE There is a growing scientific interest in mindfulness meditation (MM), yet its underlying neurophysiological mechanism is still uncertain. We investigated whether MM affects self-referential processing, associated with default mode network (DMN), either as short (state) - or long-term (trait) effects. METHODS Three levels of MM expertise were(More)
Antisera raised against synthetic dynorphin or [Leu5]enkephalin demonstrate immunostaining in hippocampal mossy fibers and in dentate granule cells. However, dynorphin immunoreactivity (ir) appears to be denser in immunocytochemical preparations and is quantitatively greater by radioimmunoassay than enkephalin-ir. Immunostaining with dynorphin antisera is(More)
The processing of unfamiliar metaphors was examined using event related potentials (ERPs). We compared the patterns of brain electrical activity elicited by processing two-word expressions denoting literal, conventional metaphoric, and novel metaphoric meaning, as well as unrelated word pairs. Participants performed a semantic judgment task in which they(More)
Periods of bond formation are associated with evolutionary-adaptive reorganization of physiological and behavioral responses and increased attention to attachment-related cues. We measured event-related potential responses to infant stimuli among new parents, new lovers, and romantically unattached singles (N=65). For parents, infant stimuli included own(More)