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A new dual-band RF transceiver is presented for 2.4- and 5.2-GHz multistandard wireless local area networks. The proposed dual-band RF transceiver integrates a concurrent dual-band front-end, a triple-band frequency synthesizer, and a band-sharing in-phase/quadrature modulator/demodulator to maximize component and power reuse. The design is started with the(More)
iii Abstract In early 2010, the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) science collaboration initiated a study to investigate the physics potential of the experiment with a broad set of different beam, near-and far-detector configurations. Nine initial topics were identified as scientific areas that motivate construction of a long-baseline neutrino(More)
Aims. To examine all relevant literature on the economic costs of osteoarthritis in the UK, and to compare such costs globally. Methods. A search of MEDLINE was performed. The search was expanded beyond peer-reviewed journals into publications by the department of health, national orthopaedic associations, national authorities and registries, and arthritis(More)
The MIT Space Systems Laboratory is developing the SPHERES formation flying testbed for operation on a 2-D laboratory platform, the KC-135, and the International Space Station. The hardware consists of three 23-centimeter diameter, three-kilogram satellites, or " spheres, " which can control their relative orientations. Each sphere consists of all the(More)
We perform a full amplitude analysis of B 0 ! c 0 K þ À decays, with c 0 ! þ À or e þ e À , to constrain the spin and parity of the Zð4430Þ À. The J P ¼ 1 þ hypothesis is favored over the 0 À , 1 À , 2 À and 2 þ hypotheses at the levels of 3:4, 3:7, 4:7 and 5:1, respectively. The analysis is based on a 711 fb À1 data sample that contains 772 Â 10 6 B " B(More)
This paper presents a prototype for an instrumented sorting block box designed for large-scale use in medical centers. A preliminary experiment was performed with unimpaired adults. Low-cost force sensors located under the top lid and realtime data processing allowed us to accurately estimate the position of the block. The data extracted from these sensors(More)
Burkholderia gladioli was described as a plant pathogen, and it is a rare cause of infection in humans that is primarily associated with human pulmonary infections, such as chronic granulomatous disease and cystic fibrosis. The neonatal respiratory system is not fully developed and cannot expel bacterial aerosol properly. A total of 2,676 newborns in the(More)
B. Aubert, M. Bona, D. Boutigny, F. Couderc, Y. Karyotakis, J. P. Lees, V. Poireau, V. Tisserand, A. Zghiche, E. Grauges, A. Palano, J. C. Chen, N. D. Qi, G. Rong, P. Wang, Y. S. Zhu, G. Eigen, I. Ofte, B. Stugu, G. S. Abrams, M. Battaglia, D. N. Brown, J. Button-Shafer, R. N. Cahn, E. Charles, M. S. Gill, Y. Groysman, R. G. Jacobsen, J. A. Kadyk, L. T.(More)