Abraham Baruch

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The distraction-lengthening principle and apparatus, formerly used in the hand for reconstruction in congenital anomalies and traumatic amputations, is described for reconstruction of metacarpals and phalanges shortened by injuries, especially gunshot wound, where those bones have lost significant length. Hands in which single metacarpals have been(More)
An unusual congenital malformation of the hand and forearm, characterized by deformed radius, short ulna, and one digital ray in continuity to the ulna, is described. This monodigital hand was used in hook functions. The functional capacity of the hand was significantly improved by reconstruction of the post by use of a distraction-lengthening procedure.
Simple bone cyst is a benign tumor-like lesion that occurs principally in the humerus and the femur. Occurrence within the hand is rare and involvement of the metacarpals is even more uncommon. Two similar cases of a simple bone cyst affecting the metacarpals were treated by complete excision of the cyst and replacement by a cortico-medullar autogenous(More)
Osteoarthritic affection of the base of the thumb involving 148 hands has been studied. Isolated osteoarthritis of the trapezio-metacarpal joint was found to be the largest group including a total of 111 hands. Reconstruction of this particular joint by a new technique is described and long-term results reported. A small series of isolated osteoarthritis of(More)
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