Abraham Alcaim

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—In the context of object-based image compression, shape encoders that describe the contour of the objects, called chain codes, tend to be more efficient than that the one based on bitmap, which is the MPEG-4 Part 2 framework. Among the chain codes, those based on grid cells are expected to outperform the ones that employ a symbol to code each particular(More)
This paper examines the role of the Principal Components Analysis (PCA) on the performance of two classification systems for text independent speaker verification: the Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) and the AR-Vector Model. The use of the PCA transform resulted in an improvement in the performance of the GMM for training times of ¼× and ¿¼×. However, the(More)
— Noise robustness of automatic speaker verification systems is crucial in real life applications. A study on the performance of several spectral subtraction-based speech enhancement techniques shows the poor performance of these algorithms when used as a preprocessing stage of the speaker verification system in the presence of colored noise. In this paper,(More)