Abrão Rapaport

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Inositol is a key precursor for synthesis of phosphatidylinositol in a major second messenger signalling system. It is biologically active in syndromes such as respiratory distress syndrome but has been thought to be excluded from CNS by the blood-brain barrier. Oral inositol treatment of 8 patients is shown to significantly increase CSF inositol by almost(More)
Four young patients who developed weight gain induced by carbamazepine therapy are described. The patients received the carbamazepine as anticonvulsant treatment, and soon after starting the drug, abruptly developed an increase in appetite with a concomitant increase in food intake. During a period of 2 months the patients' weights rose by between 7 and 15(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify pain as the initial symptom of oral cancer patients. STUDY DESIGN Hospital charts of 1412 patients (1977 to 1998) with oral cancer were reviewed (238 female and 1174 male). RESULTS Pain was the initial complaint in 19.2% of the sample. Oral cancer (ratio 4:1) and initial pain (ratio 9:1; P= .001) was prevalent in men. There were 12(More)