Aboubecrine Ould Cheikhna

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Geocasting or Multi-Geocasting in wireless sensor network is the delivery of packets from a source (or sink) to all the nodes located in one or several geographic areas. The objectives of a geocasting (multi-geocasting) protocol are the guarantee of message delivery and low transmission cost. The existing protocols which guarantee delivery run on network in(More)
This paper presents geocast and multi-geocast algorithms that guarantee delivery for each node in the geocast regions. Geocast regions can be of any shape. With respect to the other geocast algorithms, the main contribution of this work provides an estimation of the upper bound of the total number of broadcast rounds in terms of performance for the(More)
— The partial sorting problem is to sort the k smallest elements of a given set of n integers such that 1 <k <n in descending order. The algorithms that exist in the literature for the partial sorting in wireless networking solutions are based on single-hop model. In this paper we consider a multi_hop sensor network. Initially, we partition the network into(More)
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