Abolghasem Sadeghi

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We present the design and development of a plant-inspired robot, named Plantoid, with sensorized robotic roots. Natural roots have a multi-sensing capability and show a soft bending behaviour to follow or escape from various environmental parameters (i.e., tropisms). Analogously, we implement soft bending capabilities in our robotic roots by designing and(More)
Asynchronous circuits have many advantages vs synchronous design styles like high performance and lower power consumption; however, there is a drawback of big overhead in handshake circuitry of these circuits. In this paper, we have reduced the amount of these extra circuits by take advantage of some compiler techniques. The compiler methods can be used(More)
After reaching to the primary cost model of the roads network of the country through the analytical hierarchical process in order to bring about an alternative route network for the traditional network which is far from reality since it just uses only length and time parameters for giving value to the routes, now in order to test the new cost model which(More)
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