Abolghasem Bozorgnia

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be negatively dependent uniformly bounded random variables with d.f. F(x). In this paperwe obtain bounds for the^ probabilities P(I Y=IXil >_nt) and P(l(pn-pl >e) where pn is the sample pth ^quantile and p is the pth quantile of F(x). Moreover, we show that pn is a strongly consistent estimator of p under mild^ restrictions on F(x) in the neighborhood of p.(More)
In this paper, we generalize a theorem of Shao [12] by assuming that } { n X is a sequence of linear negatively dependent random variables. Also, we extend some theorems of Chao [6] and Thrum [14]. It is shown by an elementary method that for linear negatively dependent identically random variables with finite p-th absolute moment) 2 (≥ p the weighted sums(More)
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