Abolfazl Rahmani

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The purpose of this study was to describe the force/velocity and power/velocity relationships obtained during squat exercise. The maximal force (F0) was extrapolated from the force/velocity relationship and compared to the isometric force directly measured with the aid of a force platform placed under the subject's feet. Fifteen international downhill(More)
Taking advantage of recent technical progress which has overcome some of the difficulties encountered in the 1960's in the radio detection of extensive air showers induced by ultra high energy cosmic rays (UHECR), a new experimental apparatus (CODALEMA) has been built and operated. We will present the characteristics of this device and the analysis(More)
The goals of this study were to evaluate the effects of pretreatment by orexin receptor-1 antagonist on the development of morphine tolerance and physical dependence in rat. Animals were rendered dependent on morphine by subcutaneous (SC) injection of morphine sulfate (10mg/kg) at set intervals of 12h for 10days. Just before the morphine administration, the(More)
The use of phenolic or melaminic bakelite as RPC electrodes is widespread. The electrode resistivity is an important parameter for the RPC performance. As recent studies pointed out, the bakelite resistivity changes with temperature and is in#uenced by humidity. In order to gain a quantitative understanding on the in#uence of temperature and humidity on RPC(More)
Abstract Background: Advanced oxidation processes such as catalytic ozonation are efficient for the removal of antibiotics. Calcium peroxide is one of the catalysts that can be used as a source of hydrogen peroxide. Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the efficiency of ciprofloxacin removal by ozonation process with calcium peroxide from(More)
We present a force constants model for the vibrational modes in C60 dimer and polymer phases. The results of this model are used to calculate the nonresonant Raman spectra of infinitely long isolated C60 dimer and polymer peapod in the framework of bond-polarization theory by using the spectral moment's method. The changes of the Raman spectrum in terms of(More)
The aim of the present paper is to identify the main Raman vibrational features of carbon nanotubes and derivatives. In this goal, Raman active mode calculations have been performed on different single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) and double-walled carbon nanotubes (DWCNTs) as well as peapods. The comparison between the calculations performed on these(More)
Using the spectral moments method, we present calculations of Raman active modes of Single Walled Boron Nitride Nanotube (SW-BNNT). The Spectra are computed for chiral and achiral nanotubes in terms of their diameter and length. The behaviors of low frequency Raman active modes characteristic, in terms of the tube diameter revealed that these frequencies(More)
In the present work, the non-resonant Raman-active modes are calculated for several diameters, chiralities and sizes for homogeneous and inhomogeneous bundles of single-walled carbon nanotubes (BWCNTs), using the spectral moment's method (SMM). Additional intense Raman-active modes are present in the breathing-like modes (BLM) spectra of these systems in(More)