Abolfazl Najaf-Zadeh

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UNLABELLED A systematic review of malpractice lawsuits involving children identified six articles and 227 cumulative paediatric published cases. The prevalence of medical lawsuits resulting in payment to plaintiff was found to be 50% less frequent than that in adults. The most frequent and severe errors were among infants, including diagnostic errors of(More)
Noninvasive positive pressure ventilation (NPPV) refers to the delivery of mechanical respiratory support without the use of endotracheal intubation (ETI). The present review focused on the effectiveness of NPPV in children > 1 month of age with acute respiratory failure (ARF) due to different conditions. ARF is the most common cause of cardiac arrest in(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine paediatric malpractice claims and identify common characteristics likely to result in malpractice in children in France. DESIGN AND MATERIALS First, the authors did a retrospective and descriptive analysis of all paediatric malpractice claims involving children aged 1 month to 18 years, in which the defendant was coded as(More)
1. ((“ankle injuries”[MeSH Terms] OR (“ankle”[All Fields] AND “injuries”[All Fields]) OR “ankle injuries”[All Fields] OR (“ankle”[All Fields] AND “injury”[All Fields]) OR “ankle injury”[All Fields]) AND (“fractures, bone”[MeSH Terms] OR (“fractures”[All Fields] AND “bone”[All Fields]) OR “bone fractures”[All Fields] OR “fracture”[All Fields])) AND(More)
BACKGROUND Of major concern in any febrile child presenting with a seizure is the possibility of bacterial meningitis (BM). We did a systematic review to estimate the risk of BM among various subgroups of young children with a first seizure in the context of fever, and to assess the utility of routine lumbar puncture (LP) in children with an apparent first(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Plain radiographs may fail to reveal an ankle fracture in children because of developmental and anatomical characteristics. In this systematic review and meta- analysis, we estimated the prevalence of occult fractures in children with acute ankle injuries and clinical suspicion of fracture, and assessed the diagnostic accuracy of(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the role of European ambulatory pediatricians in caring for asthmatic children, especially in terms of their therapeutic education. We developed a survey that was observational, declarative, retrospective and anonymous in nature. 436 ambulatory pediatricians in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Slovenia were(More)
AIM To describe the characteristics of the activities of multifunction paediatric 'short-stay units' (SSU) including observation unit (OU), medical assessment and planning unit (MAPU) and holding unit (HU), to evaluate their effectiveness and to explore predictors of inappropriate admissions for OU patients. METHODS Admissions to nine French paediatric(More)
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