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Several analytical models of different wireless networking schemes such as wireless LANs and meshes have been reported in the literature. To the best of our knowledge, all these models fail to address the accurate end-to-end delay analysis of multi-hop wireless networks under unsaturated traffic condition considering the hidden and exposed terminal(More)
Data Centers (DCs) are required to be scalable to large data sets so as to accommodate ever-increasing demands of resource-limited embedded and mobile devices. Thanks to the availability of recent high data rate millimeter-wave frequency spectrum such as 60GHz and due to the favorable attributes of this technology, wireless DC (WDC) exhibits the potentials(More)
So far, various components of image characteristics have been used for steganal-ysis, including the histogram characteristic function, adjacent colors distribution , and sample pair analysis. However, some certain steganography methods have been proposed that can thwart some analysis approaches through managing the embedding patterns. In this regard, the(More)
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