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The incidence of phenylketonuria (PKU; McKusick 261600) varies widely in different parts of the world. While the average incidence of PKU in caucasians is approximately 1 in 10 000, it differs severalfold among different populations. Neonatal mass screening is a valuable source of incidence data. Alternatively, incidence can be estimated from rates of(More)
Introduction: Diagnosis, prediction and control of oral lesions is usually done classically based on clinical signs and histopathologic features. Due to lack of timely diagnosis in all conventional methods or differential diagnosis, biopsy of patient is needed. Therefore, the patient might be irritated. So, an intelligent method for quick and accurate(More)
The date palm hopper, Ommatissus lybicus, is a key pest of the date palm, which is expected to be comprised of many allopatric populations. The current study was carried out to determine bacterial endosymbiont diversity in the different populations of this pest. Ten date palm hopper populations were collected from the main date palm growing regions in Iran(More)
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