Abol Reza Rasouli Kenar

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As a basic and important term in the interaction design, usability is an overall rating of the degree of use in the human computer interaction, which guarantees the realization of interaction. Usability test is a necessary process in the human computer interface design. It is a process of through systematically collecting the usability data of interface and(More)
tetraethylenepentaamine and N-2-hydroxyethyl-ethylenediamine give condensation reactions with salicylaldehyde and form polydentade ligands with a linear structure. These polydentade ligands are suitable for several types of coordination geometry.1,2 The complexes formed by these ligands and transition metals have been reported in the literature concerned(More)
A new nitrate-selective liquid-membrane electrode based on the tris(2,2',2"-salicylideneimino)triethylamine-iron(III) complex has been developed. This electrode exhibits a linear Nernstian response over the range 10(-1)-10(-4) M of nitrate, with a slope of 54.3 +/- 0.9 mV per p[NO3]. The effects of the pH and the liquid-membrane composition were also(More)
A potentiometric titration method in non-aqueous media is proposed for the determination of some commonly used anti-inflammatory agents. The direct potentiometric titration of three anti-inflammatory agents, namely mefenamic acid, fenbufen and ibuprofen; and the indirect potentiometric titration of diclofenac sodium was carried out in acetonitrile solvent(More)
In this study, a conductimetric titration method is proposed for the determination of some commonly used antibiotics. The conductimetric titration of three antibiotics, namely ampicillin, amoxycillin trihydrate and rifampin, was carried out in acetic acid using perchloric acid as titrant. Ciproflaxacin hydrochloride, however, was titrated after being(More)
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