Abo Talib Mahfoodh

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We propose an example-based super-resolution method for a new framework of scalable video streaming. The proposed method is applicable to scalable video where the enhancement layer of some frames (e.g., within the same Group-of-Pictures) might be dropped due to changing network conditions. This leads to a streaming scenario that we call Inconsistent(More)
We propose a general framework for parallel entropy coding in media compression, which preserves compression efficiency, and is well matched to future generations of general-purpose or custom processors. Similarly to some previous parallelization methods, it is based on the fact that optimal compression is not affected by the arrangement of coded bits, but(More)
In this paper, we exploit the intrinsic tensor-nature of video and propose a Tensor Video Coding (TVC) framework that is based on tensor decomposition. We develop a Progressive Canonical-decomposition Parallel-factor (PCP) framework that is tailored for video representation and coding. Our simulation results show that the proposed TVC approach outperforms(More)
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