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We report the first observation, in a supersonic flow, of the evolution of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability from a single-mode initial condition. To obtain these data, we used a novel experimental system to produce a steady shock wave of unprecedented duration in a laser-driven experiment. The shocked, flowing material creates a shear layer between two(More)
It is often thought that there is little that seems more obvious from experience than that time objectively passes, and that time is in this respect quite unlike space. Yet nothing in the physical picture of the world seems to correspond to the idea of such an objective passage of time. In this paper, I discuss some attempts to explain this apparent(More)
(1928–90) was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, son of John and Annie Bell, whose families had lived in Northern Ireland for several generations. His middle name, Stewart, was the Scottish family name of his mother, and until he went to university he was called at home by that name. The family's religion was Anglican (Church of Ireland), but no religious(More)
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