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The growing popularity of smartphones and continuous user demand for a rich web experience has resulted in an exponential surge in cellular bandwidth requirements. Cellular providers have struggled to keep pace with the new requirements while users often face a monetary cost associated with the data downloaded to their device. While many modern websites(More)
The prevalence of web-based malware distribution has exploded in recent years, with malicious enterprises continuously devising new ways of exploiting vulnerabilities. Security professionals have found themselves in an arms race in an attempt to contain the spread of malware. Drive-bydownloads, as coined by Google in 2007, is a particularly insidious form(More)
Forensic Investigation into security incidents often includes the examination of huge lists of internet activity gathered from a suspect computer. In today’s age of increased internet usage, the internet activity log on any given system could produce a huge list of websites. This, couples with the fact that a huge percentage of malware is now distributed(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel system, named BridgeScope, for precise and scalable vetting of JavaScript Bridge security issues in Android hybrid apps. BridgeScope is flexible and can be leveraged to analyze a diverse set of WebView implementations, such as Android’s default WebView, and Mozilla’s Rhino-based WebView. Furthermore, BridgeScope can(More)
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